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Y Gloch / The Bell

Flyer / poster combo for sound-art installation commissioned by Soundlands / Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust / Migrations.
We ended up going for a different version in the end, but I like this one better, so here it is, even though it was rejected.

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Glyndyfrdwy Carnival

A quick community project for a local carnival.
Left: before (not done by us)
Right: after (done by us)

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Cwmwl Tystion / Witness

Poster & flyers for a new pan-Welsh audio-visual supergroup tour, taking in jazz, free improvisation, hymns and folk melodies, with live dynamic visual accompaniment.

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Piano Garden

12 page poster/flyer combination and custom map for Soundlands’ Annea Lockwood installation, Piano Garden.

Piano garden poster

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Flyer and poster for two tours by Indian-Welsh jazz fusion combo Khamira. Trade secret: we actually took the photo of the tiles in Portugal, but sometimes aesthetics are more important than conceptual rigour.


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BoomBox Caerdydd

Poster for the film premiere of Migrations’ BoomBox Caerdydd.

boombox caerdydd

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3 large (A0) information panels for Migrations, displayed during Marshmallow Laser Feast’s stunning and award-winning installation, Treehugger, in Margam Park, south Wales.

Treehugger panels

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BoomBox Caerdydd

Promo posters for BoomBox Caerdydd: a call for participants for a film featuring 100 people dancing to their favourite music in their favourite green spaces in the city.


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Jinx 103

Posters & flyers for Migrations, north Wales-based international contemporary art organisation.

jinx103 flyers & posters

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