Some recent album covers

A selection of recent album covers.

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Front & Follow

We designed a T-shirt for Manchester-based record label Front & Follow. Why a pylon? Well, why not. We share a fondness for electricity and rural modernism, so it seemed appropriate.

Pylon t-shirt

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New Dot Cinema

Variations on a theme – recent season flyers for Llangollen’s community cinema.

New Dot Cinema flyers

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Khamira plays Electric Miles

Flyer (and poster, not shown – same as the flyer front, but with more words on it) for Indo-Welsh jazz ensemble Khamira’s performance of music from Miles Davis’ 70s output.

khamira miles flyer

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Exotic Spresm Records asked us to package their latest release, Cahn Ingold Prelog‘s Spraingksths, a limited edition CD of niche-appeal drones / field recordings / electronic bric-a-brac.

The brief was that it had to look desirable without gratuitous use of new plastic. We sourced some lovely teak veneer snap-cases and hand-stickered them (one big central dot, one smaller dot underneath) so that each one is different.

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Y Gloch / The Bell

Flyer / poster combo for sound-art installation commissioned by Soundlands / Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust / Migrations.
We ended up going for a different version in the end, but I like this one better, so here it is, even though it was rejected.

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Glyndyfrdwy Carnival

A quick community project for a local carnival.
Left: before (not done by us)
Right: after (done by us)

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New Dot Cinema

Season flyer for New Dot Cinema Llangollen’s Spring/Summer 2019 film programme.

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Welcome Home

Selected spreads from a WWI Victory Ball event brochure for St Fagans National Museum of History.

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